High fantasy adventure with intrigue, battle, and monsters galore!



“… an excellent starting point for those curious about an exciting and talented author.” – Paul Weimer, Skiffy and Fanty

Glannon Bel has everything a chieftain could want: power, devoted followers, and a very heavy crown. But her climb to the top is far from bloodless, and when an army from Theria lands on her island demanding to survey her land, her past starts to catch up with her.

What follows is a grim, strange adventure into the dark pathways of the forbidden Wothwood, a wood that brings only death to those who pass through. Together with a scientist, a hired sword, and the balance of peace in her hand, Glannon makes the trek to the heart of the Wothwood… the wood where the world is broken.

But the price for entering the Wothwood is high – can Glannon pay it?

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