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Natania Barron believes in monsters and hopes you do, too.

She’s the author of dozens of short stories, a fistful of novellas, and a few novels. All of these works contain monsters of one variety of another, but not all of them wear monstrous skins. When not traveling through imagined worlds, she lives in North Carolina with her family, where she traipses through the forest on a regular basis, bakes incessantly, drinks an inordinate amount of tea, and dreams of someday owning a haunted house of her own.

She’s represented by Stacey Graham at 3 Seas Literary.

Natania’s work has appeared in Weird Tales, EscapePod, Steampunk Tales, Crossed Genres, Bull Spec, and various anthologies. Her longer works run the gamut from Edwardian urban fantasy to tales of the rock and roll world. On Twitter, she’s known for her #ThreadTalks, which dive deep into the unseen world of fashion history–one of their favorite topics–as well as a meme or two. She is bisexual, demisexual, and goes by she/her/they pronouns.

Natania holds a BA in English/Writing from Loyola University Maryland and an MA in English with a concentration in medieval literature from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. During the day she works as a Global Marketing Director in clinical research. This amazing job allows her to do her other favorite thing: travel!

As a mental health activist, especially regarding adolescent care, Natania has drawn nationwide attention for her writing, including mainstream news and television appearances. Inspired by their son Liam’s struggle through the school system as a child with high functioning autism and a variety of other challenges, Natania is an outspoken advocate.

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  1. Hey, my name is also Netania! Any advice for this writer? I know what I want to write about but I can’t find the right words to say

    1. Just get things roughly on paper, expand ideas and with time just revise and improve them.
      If you keep a white page in front of you for too long, it will intimidate you. I believe it’s called a writer’s block.

      If you’re writing on a computer, I recommend – it’s really awesome, easy to use, keeps revisions, safe as you won’t lose your data if your hdd crashes or so and you can even use it offline (with google gears enabled, the green arrow on the upper right), oh and free! You also don’t have to install the app and you can write from any computer, even share the document with people or work in collaboration.

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