The last few months have been a mess on Twitter. With the official takeover from Elon Musk, it’s taken what was already a problematic and challenging social network and propelled it into chaos for users and advertisers alike. From the spoiled brat tone of the CEO’s own tweets, to the way that Twitter employees were laid off, to who was laid off (people responsible for engineering, ethics, content moderation, and accessibility), it is an absolute shit show.

This has been heartbreaking for me because, well, almost everything about my writing career and ThreadTalk has happened because of Twitter. Seeing someone come in who has no respect for creators, for communities, or for ethics, come in and destroy it because he can is devastating.

But I’m bigger than that.

I already mentioned that I’m taking ThreadTalk off of Twitter, but I wanted to keep this post pinned and updated with all the places that I am, because the list is growing!

I post daily on Instagram and TikTok, and cross post to Mastodon. CoSo has been down a lot, so that’s been a bit of a struggle, but hoping for the best there.

Please, if I know you from Twitter, let me know! <3

Natania Barron – author


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