As I continue the one year celebration of the Queen of None release, I finally set up my audio arrangement in my office (read: space in the open loft area of my house where, if late enough at night, is relatively quiet enough).

So last night I did a little live reading of two scenes from Queen of None: one, Hwyfar’s first introduction, and two, Anna’s total tear down of Gawain when she first arrives to Carelon.

During the reading I was reminded, as I gave a voice to Anna… just how wily she is. She really is so calculating. It’s covered in a lot of beautiful language, good intentions, and cleverness. But she is quite manipulative (in the case of Gawain) and terribly judgemental (in the case of Hwyfar). This all becomes so important later in Queen of Fury.

It was definitely fun, and I plan on doing some more in the future — including some #ThreadTalk themed stuff.

(Also, I might have started a third book. Tentatively entitled Daughter of Fate, and it features Morgen’s daughter Llachlyn and oh, gods save me.)

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