It’s been… a week. But, in exciting news: I handed in my edits for Queen of None. And since the book has been knocking around my brain, when I stumbled on Artbreeder… well. I just had to make a little rogue’s gallery of some of the primary players in the novel. I’ve been sharing some of them on Twitter, but figured it would be fun to keep them here. For, you know, posterity.



Here’s a little family tree primer:



Anna Pendragon is our heroine and narrator. She’s the sister of Arthur. Gweyn is Arthur’s wife.



Together with her first husband, Lot, Anna had Gawain (also Gaheris and Gareth, but they come later). While Arthur is her full brother, she also has three half-sisters: Elaine (not pictured), Morgen, and Margawse. Bedevere is Arthur’s right-hand man, and also Anna’s old paramour. Vyvian is her aunt. Merlin and Lanceloch, well, they aren’t directly related, and too much about them might make some spoilers.

Natania Barron

Writing With ADHD Part One: Writing, Emotions, and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

It’s been a few months now since my official ADHD diagnosis. The fact that I’m almost 40 years old has not escaped me. There were a lot of weeks where things Were Not Well in My Head. Not scary bad, but the kind of bad where you’re looking back at your ENTIRE LIFE and things