Jeff VanderMeer says:

I don’t know if readers realize this, but Aqueduct has reached the 50-book mark in just their sixth year. That’s a significant achievement for any press–both the longevity and the quantity, not to mention the quality and the focus. Not to mention that Duchamp is a class act as a publisher dealing with writers.

Jeff also conducted a full interview with founder L. Timmel Duchamp, who has many great things to say about her inspiration behind the press. I particularly like this bit:

When I started Aqueduct, two thoughts dominated my thinking: first, that mainstream publishers were for complicated reasons passing up excellent books that needed to be published; and second, that a solid audience for such books not only already existed, but was also a subset of a community known loosely as “feminist sf.”

You can read more about Aqueduct, and indeed order their books, here at their website. Go forth and enrich your minds!