Okay, so I’ll get this right out in the open: I don’t do vampires. I’ve never read much about them, I’ve never been glamored by their mythologies, and I’ve never had a desire to write about them. It’s not personal, really. I mean–well, it’s personal to me, but this goes back before any of the whole vampire mania hit the literary community and culture at large. I do remember seeing Interview With a Vampire at some point, but I was so besotted with hobbits and Tolkien at the time that it really had no impact on me.

And I have to admit, while I’m a general fan of Joss Whedon, Buffy never did it for me. Just couldn’t get into it.

So, I’m a little perplexed at this point in my life to find myself extremely captivated by True Blood. I’ve never read any Charlaine Harris, but the show seems to hit a chord with me. Maybe part of it is living in the South for the better part of the last decade, but it feels both familiar and strange, and is highly entertaining.

Oddly enough, I dreamed (during my sleep, y’know) of a whole series of books based around a suburban housewife vampire mom… don’t know if I’d ever have the time or the inclination to write it, but watching the series definitely has given me some interesting ideas.

The only vampire fiction I’ve ever read (here comes an amusing confession) is Salem’s Lot and the first half or so of Dracula. And I’ve got to admit, I think it’s kind of fun being uniformed on a topic that has so pervaded a huge chunk of our culture. It also means I’m nowhere near as sick of vampires as most writers! (Not that it’ll influence my writing any time soon, but y’know.)

Am I missing out? This fantasist is admittedly a very selective reader these days. Any particular books or short stories you think I really should read? I’m heading to the coast and (hopefully) Canada this summer, so I’m on the lookout for good paperbacks.