I’ve been podcasting draft chapters of The Aldersgate for the last year or so, and everything had been going great until a few months ago when various podcasts just started disappearing. First it was 1-6, then it was 1-10. I had tried a few options for fixing, but nothing seemed to help.

Searching the WordPress help guides is a painful process, and nothing we found (my husband helps me here, as this sort of stuff boggles me on a daily basis) was even remotely close. I assumed something was wrong with iTunes, then I assumed something was wrong with FeedBurner.

It wasn’t. It was WordPress itself.

Well, apparently in “Settings” and “Reading” there’s a little number next to “Syndication feeds show at most” and then a paltry 10. So if you’re a podcaster, that means it’ll only feed the 10 most recent podcasts, so any new subscribers won’t be able to subscribe through a feed and make any sense of the situation at all. Granted, some folks just come to my site and go to the archive, but that’s not the best method.

As a caveat to those who might be starting a podcast and using WordPress to manage the feed–beware! If you’re planning more than ten episodes, you’re in for a surprise.  And if you’re like me, and have very little in the way of technical savvy, and have a very busy life, this is an extremely important bit of information to know.

I will pretend I’m not thinking about how many subscribers I’ve lost. Ah, well. Fixed, now. Apologies to those who have clicked and walked away! Hopefully it won’t happen again.

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