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Introducing the Zegedine!

May 20, 2018

What’s that? Well, a zegedine is a drinking cup. But it’s also my (mostly) weekly newsletter. Hello, Natania. Is this 2001? No, clearly it’s not. So why would I bother with a newsletter? A couple of reasons. These days I have a lot more …

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2017 Publications!

January 3, 2018

2017 was a pretty big year around these parts. I saw the publication of two novellas and two short stories — all of which I hold quite dear. First, there came Wothwood, a heroic fantasy novella (yes, you read that right… it’s short and it’s …


Frost & Filigree is available for pre-order!

May 26, 2017

Holy cow, y’all. It’s been a busy few months over here. New house, new job, and traveling have kept me from updating the blog. But, just in time for my birthday, I’m happy to announce that Frost & Filigree is hitting Kindles worldwide. Like Wothwood, Frost & Filigree is …


I Wrote My Way Out Until I Couldn’t: A #HoldOnToTheLight Post

September 15, 2016

I generally don’t talk about my mental health. I generally don’t talk much about my feelings, either. Even to my closest friends and family. “You always keep things so bottled up,” my mother used to tell me. “You don’t have to.” For her, expression …