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The Wothwood Book Trailer is Here

January 10, 2017

I’m very excited to share the book trailer for Wothwood. It’s definitely a challenge to boil down the book in a short story, but I’m hoping to at least pique a little bit of interest. What to expect? Heroes, battles, revenge, strange lands and strange …

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Introducing Two Brain Space

October 25, 2014

So, in what’s probably not a surprise, I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I’m in an even-year pattern, as it goes. But what is a surprise is that I’m doing it with Jonathan Wood, my good friend and fellow writer. It’s, …

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ConTemporal Bound!

June 20, 2012

So, ConTemporal starts tomorrow! Before you go thinking how crazy-pants I am to go to a convention after having a baby so recently, keep in mind that I can actually walk to this one. No joke. It’s less than a mile from my house! …

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New Places to Read My Stuff

September 17, 2010

Well, I’ve been a bit behind on stuff in general, and while I’m not yet entirely lucid (one might argue that I rarely am…) I thought I’d share two bits of very cool news. First, you can now find my short story “The Monastery …