Where I’m Going, Where I’ve Been

Source: via Natania on Pinterest Well, that’s a little misleading. I’m not really going very far, in terms of miles. But I do have a series of podcast interviews and a live event coming up in the next few weeks. 2/7 – SF Diner – I’ll be a guest at the SciFi Diner podcast on Tuesday, talking about geeky things… Read more →

Prosaic Analysis Paralysis

In which I think aloud for a few paragraphs… pardon the navel gazing. The burden of words. It’s quite something, I tell you. And at the moment I’m finding it to be on the verge of utterly overwhelming. I have all these stories, all these books and novels and ideas, and instead of a calm, steady stream (the way I’ve… Read more →

April… May… June?

Yes, officially I suck as a blogger. But hey: I’ve been at this a while. Sometimes a gal needs a break. I’ve been away long enough that WordPress now has a totally different dashboard, it’s almost June, and I’ve been to San Francisco and back. There are some big, awesome things going on. So I thought I’d let you know… Read more →