How Pinterest and Process Saved My Novel (And Can Save Yours, Too)

Writing a book, as the old adage goes, isn’t the hard part. I mean, yeah, it’s hard. It’s a butt-ton of work. For me, writing books isn’t the hard part. It’s something I do, more or less, whether or not I want to. But while the writing part isn’t exactly a mystery to me, there have been some real challenges… Read more →

More Pilgrim of the Sky Reviews!

I’ve been very behind in providing reviews for Pilgrim of the Sky — mostly due to being insanely busy and preparing to bring the new little creature into the world (9 weeks to go, for those who are counting). However, I am grateful and thrilled that so many people have connected with the book, and offer here a few choice bits… Read more →

My path to girl geekdom.

Yellow, not pink. Shel Silverstein, not Mother Goose. Dad on guitar, not songs on tape. Unicorns, not horses. Galaga, not Ga-Ga dolls. Muppets, not puppets. TMBG, not DMB. Fraggles, not ruffles. Wrinkles in Time, not Babysitter Clubs. Crusher, not crushes (but: crushes on Crusher) Ant farms, not petting zoos. Home-made, not Little Debbie. Poe, not a poser. Science, not social,… Read more →

Embracing my inner dragon… early fantasy writing.

Most of my college years were spent trying to be a “real” fiction writer. That is, writing crappy short stories and outlining (okay, thinking about) crappy novels in the real world, with real problems, and real issues. While I would say it was wasted time, I don’t think that’s the case  entirely. I mean, all writers have to grow, right?… Read more →