The Dragon in Atlanta

Yes, there is a dragon in Atlanta; or, rather, there is Dragon*Con. I’ve become fond of the place over the last few years, and even though I wasn’t sure I’d attend this year due to Lots of Insanity All Around (TM), we’re heading out tomorrow morning. As cons go, Dragon*Con is pretty much the craziest I’ve ever been to. I… Read more →

April… May… June?

Yes, officially I suck as a blogger. But hey: I’ve been at this a while. Sometimes a gal needs a break. I’ve been away long enough that WordPress now has a totally different dashboard, it’s almost June, and I’ve been to San Francisco and back. There are some big, awesome things going on. So I thought I’d let you know… Read more →

NASFiC Schedule!

I’m a panelist at NASFiC, here in Raleigh, and I’ll be at the Bull Spec #2 launch party on Wednesday. In other words, I am painting the town squid ink black (as opposed to red, since it’s… more speculative? Um, I don’t know.) At any rate, if you are at ReConStruction, here’s where you can find me: GLB 008 –… Read more →