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Illogicon VIII Schedule!

It’s already that time of year. Actually, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Illogicon has become my absolute favorite local con (for regulars: make sure you check the website because locations have changed!). And as per usual, I’ll be attending and on programming (this weekend)!

One of the reasons that I love Illogicon so much is that I’ve made some of the most awesome friends there. In fact, my work with Falstaff sort of predates Illogicon… but I really got involved once I met John Hartness in person. He’s like my long lost brother. We shared brews, wings, and talked about mental illness and medication and life and everything for like four hours the first time we met. I’ve been promised whisky this week, after quite an interesting (not in a good way…) beginning of 2019, and I can’t wait to see John along with so many incredible local (and non local!) writer/fan friends.

Illogicon kicks off my conventions for the year, which will also include (but not limited to) WorldCon, Wiscon, and the Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird.

Anyway! As mentioned, you’ve got lots of chances to see some great folks this year, but if you’re looking for moi specifically, well, here’s the rundown below. (Also? Reading these panels makes me realize this looks like a rather accurate curriculum vitae, as well. All you need to know about me is encapsulated in some degree below…)

Friday 4:00 PM

LGBTQIA+ in Fandom 

Embassy Suites Elevation Concourse C

Let’s get together to talk about our fandoms, our experiences as LGBTQIA+ fans, and the ways in which our identities drew us to fandom (or vice versa)! This is a friendly, conversational discussion affirming of all identities and practices.

Panelists: Michael Williams(M), Gerty McHenry, Tracy Holt (also me)

Friday 6:00 PM 

Author Dating Game

Embassy Suites Elevation Concourse E

Help a book lover interview 3 authors (2 sets of 3) as if one of their characters was on a dating show. The reader chooses which book they want to go on a “date” with and wins a copy of the book.

Panelists: Joey Starnes(M), Samantha Bryant, Michael G. Williams, William C. Tracy, Fraser Sherman (and me — not listed in program)

Saturday 12:00 PM

Women in Male Dominated Fields 

Embassy Suites Elevation Concourse C

A discussion of diverse women as scientists/publishers/novelist in a typically white male dominated field.

Panelists: JS Emuakpor(M), Tracy Deonn Walker GOH, Natania Barron, Hilary Morris

Saturday 1:00 PM

Warped Fairy Tales

Embassy Suites Elevation Concourse D

Description Pending.

Panelists: Natania Barron(M), Melissa McArthur, Tera Fulbright, Alexandra Christian, Emily Leverett

Saturday 2:00 PM 

Horror Author Round Table

Embassy Suites Elevation Concourse E

Group Reading/Discussion

Panelists: Michele Tracy Berger(M), Alexandra Christian, Natania Barron, Michael G. Williams

Saturday 3:00 PM 

Natania Barron Solo Reading – Hampton Inn Reading Room

Saturday 5:00 PM  

Novellas and Novelettes: New Stars in Publishing 

Hampton Inn Reading Room

There’s a renaissance with the novella and novelette in publishing. What do these structures offer writers and what can we learn from some successful sci-fi novellas.

Panelists: Michele Tracy Berger(M), Natania Barron (suggested), John G. Hartness, Alexander Gideon, Jason Gilbert

Sunday 11:00 AM   

Conventions and Cosplay with Disabilities 

Embassy Suites Elevation Concourse D

I will explore the challenges and opportunities facing those dealing with many types of disabilities, from sensory and mobility impairments to “invisible conditions” like ADHD and social anxiety disorder. This discussion is not only for people that identify themselves as disabled, but also for family, friends, and anyone wishing to learn how to be a support. In a safe and encouraging environment, the audience will have an opportunity to share experiences and perspective aimed at enhancing the fandom convention, with a special emphasis on the amazing world of cosplay.

Panelists: Chris Shrewsbury (Still Standing Cosplay)(M), Joey Starnes, Natania Barron

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