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I write because…

April 13, 2009

I write because…

  • it makes me happy.
  • the voices tell me to.
  • other voices tell me not to.
  • it’s what I know.
  • it’s everything unknown.
  • it’s who I am.
  • it’s everything I’m not.
  • it’s escape.
  • I want to leave something behind.
  • there are too many stories to tell.
  • there are too many secrets to share.
  • there are too many zombies at the window.
  • it keeps me company.
  • it saves me from reality.
  • it brings me closer to the real world.
  • the machine is already primed.
  • everything’s already been written.
  • it might be better if I write again.
  • it’s the best of me.
  • it’s the worst of me.
  • it’s the greatest freedom I know.

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    • Nicely put. I wonder why we all write such similar things in these lists?

      • @Bill Collective writer consciousness? I dunno. Collectively cool people 🙂

    • You might enjoy China Miéville if you haven’t read his stuff already. Perdido Street Station did some interesting things with non-human characters, and the world is believably old and vast.

    • oops. posted to the wrong entry.

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