Central North Carolina wants to be the coast of Britain. Good lord, it has not stopped raining since I landed in RDU last Wednesday. Coupled with the fact that my husband Michael has been away on  business all weekend, and my two-year-old has not been outdoors at all since Friday… yes, excitement all around.

Writing has been not exactly scarce, but a little scattered. Since I left a week and a half ago, I managed around 10,000 words, which isn’t bad. I’m not precisely sure where the words came from, but I know what Scrivener says, and I have a tendency to believe it rather than my own feelings of inadequacy. But as I mentioned before, there’s literally nothing I can share that won’t spoil the first book. So, guh. I will sit with my chapters in the dark and smile, and hope that I’m getting it right.

I am looking forward to planting my garden, soon; after rain, comes sun. There’s always a glut of it in the summer around here, and I have to remember that.  Positive thinking! Positive thinking! I will feel better when I am surrounded by lavender, sage, and basil. I will, I will.