Here there be Krakens.

And shiny objects. And greedy dragons. And music. And a whole heap of whimsy. Stop on by, pull up a chair, and let me tell you a story...


Introducing Two Brain Space

So, in what’s probably not a surprise, I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I’m in an even-year pattern, as it goes. But what is a surprise is that I’m doing it with Jonathan Wood, my good friend and fellow writer. It’s, in a word, spiderpunk. If you want to follow what we’re doing, head on over to… Read more →

Winner of the Flashy Things and Other Updates

Leave it to me to spend a week overhauling my entire website, and then stop posting. It’s been a busy few months, and after February’s Pilgrim of the Sky marathon, I took a bit of a break (and I’d like to think deservedly so). But I haven’t been absent from writing entirely! I’ve been thinking a good deal about a… Read more →

Pilgrim of the Sky: Live – The Whole Playlist

In case you’ve missed my incessant trumpeting online, I’ve been reading my novel, Pilgrim of the Sky, since the beginning of February. We’re about halfway through, but it’s not too late if you haven’t had a chance to catch up. You see, there’s a handy playlist here.

I’ll be providing audio only files in a little, but for now (if you don’t want to see my mug) you can always just hit play and minimize the window.

And if you’re listening along and can’t wait for the next chapter, remember you can always get a copy here, over at Candlemark & Gleam (starting at $5.00!).